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  • Introduction of the Methodology

    Goal of the Methodology
    It is important that a considerate and joining culture would develop between children. Good relations created in kindergarten should be transferred to school environment as well. When going from kindergarten to school, children should have a luggage that helps to deal with different social relations in school.
    The project „Bullying-free kindergarten“ is based on Danish methodic. The target groups are children, kindergarten teachers, parents and other people important for children.
    The project is connected to the preschool children’s institutions’ national curriculum engaged in September 1st 2008. Therefore it is very suitable for kindergartens.

    As the project is about children, it is important that when it comes to bullying, the issue is not about bad children, but bad behavioral models. „Bullying-free project“ focuses on the kindergarten group as a whole.

    • Tolerance - to see and accept diversity in the whole kindergarten group and treat each other as equals, understanding diversity as an enhancer of both an individual child as well as the group. 
    • Respect: to have a positive and caring attitude to all the children in the group, to be a good friend to everyone, accepting diversity and respecting differences and customs of others.  
    • Consideration: to show interest, participation, concern and helpfulness to all children - both those younger and the same age.  
    • Courage: to stay yourself and set your boundaries; to step up when children are violating others' boundaries; to be a brave and good friend, who wants to and will act for justice.  

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