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  • Cooperation with Parents

    The well functioning of the "Bully Free Kindergarten" project requires close cooperation with the parents.

    Group team and parents discuss and agree on shared values and behavioural understandings in teaching children good customs. Information and feedback is provided for the parents through the groups blogspot and the Notice Board.

    Dressing rooms are equipped with different auxiliary materials, the topic card currently discussed and a "home task" which is a topic that parents should discuss and talk about at home as a supporting activity for the functioning of the methodology. 

    Parents give their contribution to enhance and support the environment and methodology activities. All children's buddy bears have their own custom made outfits that parents and children have sewed together. 

    Mutukad group's buddy bears

    Pääsukesed group's buddy bears

    Mesimummud group's buddy bears

    Sipsikud group's buddy bears
    last changed:29.04.2015