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  • Application of the Methodology

    Bear Meeting
    Bear Meetings are usually planned activities where children sit in a circle as closely as possible. Each meeting has its topic and purpose.  

     In Bear Meetings:
    • children can be close to each other;
    • opportunity to enhance tolerance and consideration between the children;
    • children get to know each other better which improves their relations;
    • emphasis is on improving children's ability to analyse and express their own opinion;
    • it is very important that children themselces offer solutions to different situations;
    • opportunity to solve problems that are topical in the particular group.
    Children's Massage/Drawing on the Back
    Massage is a great opportunity to create contact between children who otherwise do not communicate nor play together on a daily basis. Through this activity children learn to differentiate between good and bad touching. Usually the children are paired up at random which increases their tolerance towards each other. 
    Through children's massage:

    • Children learn to differentiate between good and bad touching;
    • Children feel more close to each other;
    • Children learn to be more tolerant;
    • The relationships between boys and girls improve.

    Estonian Union of Child Welfare produced an education film to introduce the methodology.The film was shot in Suitsupääsupesa Preschool Sipsikud group. 
    The film includes a bear meeting held by our teacher Marilyn Palla, an interview where she introduces the methodology and here experience and also an interview with a parent Helina Raal. 

    Full video in Estonian is available here: http://kiusamisestvabaks.ee/lasteaedade-kogemused/
    last changed:30.04.2015