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    • We work together for the same goals, are loyal to children, parents and each other.
    • We work together for the well-being of the children and take their opitions into account. 
    • We notice and acknowledge the success of children, parents, employees and cooperation partners. 
    • We are alwats polite, open and honest. 
    • We are proud of our preschool and enjoy working here. 


    • We mutually respect rules that have been commonly agreed on. 
    • We always act for the purpose of securing a safe environment.
    • In shaping the learning and playing environment we put a lot of emphasis on the safety and quality of the toys and materials used. 
    • We prevent all possible traumas with our everyday activities. 
    • We have a competent personnel who are prepared to act in case of emergency or threat. 


    • We are considerate towards ourselves, others and to the environment.
    • We help those who are in need and participate in charity.
    • We keep good relations and respect each other. 


    • We teach our children the importance of environmental awareness and act accordingly. 
    • We respect the environment and property entrusted with us. 
    • We plan our expenses accuratly and deliberately. 

    CHILDREN OF OUR VALUES (in Estonian)

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