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    Children's field trips

    Twice a year, every fall and spring, all groups of the preschool take a trip to the nature. Children take a hiking trip and have a picnic. 

    Pictures of the field trips available here

    Participation in citywide events

    Since 2004 our children annually participate in citywide poetry competition "Emakeelel ilus kõla" and in Kanutiaed's youthgroup theatre festival "Kanutiaia Kann".


    Since 2000 children of the oldest group spend one night in the preschool. The night in the preschool is fun and full of surprises and is very memorable for all the participants. Part of the tradition is the issuance of personal graduation book which is composed in close cooperation with the parents. 

    Teacher's plays

    From 2005 the teachers have performed several plays to promote value-based education and enchance emotional intelligence. All the necesarry materials including decorations, outfits and dolls are prepared in cooperation with the parents. Traditionally every study years begins and ends with teacher's play to the children. Plays are also performed during different holiday celebrations. 

    National traditions

    Our traditions also include the celebrations of folk calendar events such as St.Martin's Day and St.Catherine's day. Groups have made visits to the Open Air museum during Christmas and Easter to get acquainted with our folk customs. 

    For the purpose of reviving folk customs an annual fair is held every autumn in cooperation with the parents. 


    Community activity. From 2005 we organise an community activity day during the spring time. To assure the success of the event the personnel and board assigns representatives to the management team. Community activity days have always been very fun and spirited event and the bonus is ensuring a more plesant and safe play-yard for the children. 
    Birthday concerts. From 2010 the birthday of the preschool is celebrated with a charity concert. Every year, on the evening of the 16th of February, children, parents, graduates, personnel of the preschool and guest all gather in our facilities to celebrate and also raise money for "Märka ja Aita" project. 
    Fund-raising and Christmas auction. From 2005 by the initiative of the parents different fund raising activities have been organised. The goal of the Christmas auction is to raise money to purchase various necessary equipment for the preschool. 
    In 2007 the teacher's initiated a new tradition by staging a fund-raising play "Election of the Christmas-daddy" which was very successful. In 2009 a whole-family play was staged named "The Bear's Christmas worry" which was also performed in Kanutiaed during a charity family-day. 

    Pictures of charity activities available here
    Family events

    We organise a whole range of family events including Father's Day, Christmas celebrations and Mother's Day. In addition it has become a traditions to hold different events which are organised in close cooperation with the parents including picnics and winter family-days. 
    Handycraft and play-nights. Valuing the time that parents and children spend together is very imporant for us. For that purpose we organise different events such as handycraft evenings to make cards for different celebrations, cooking-nights, play-parties, fairytale nights and family-days.

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