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  • "Märka ja Aita" Charity Programme


    There is an increasing number of children around us who need our help. Especially in need are children who do not have parents or their love. A child cannot choose the parents nor the life that the parents can offer but children need to have the right and opportunity to go to school and preschool.

    The Association of Basic Education Leaders,Tallinn Heads of School Association and Tallinn Education Department founded a charity program “Märka ja Aita” aimed at noticing and helping those children who need it the most. The charity program seeks to help the children and students of Tallinn municipal educational institutions who for various reasons need material help to in order to participate in learning activities. 

    It is said that to make a change you don't need one millionaire but a million people who donate even a little. You can be one of them. 

    Together we can help the children who need us the most!

    Make your donation to Tallinna Alushariduse Juhtide Ühendus (TAHJÜ) account:
    SEB 10220109320011
    last changed:29.04.2015